Lauren Young Yoga offers a wide range of classes for all ages, including adaptive yoga. Not sure what class is right for you? Contact Lauren for help!

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Baby & Me Yoga & Mindfulness​
6 week - crawling with caregiver

Baby & Me Yoga & Mindfulness is 60 minutes dedicated to your baby and yourself. Unlike Postnatal Yoga, this class is aimed more for the baby’s benefit.  You will learn different movements and songs that may assist your baby in their developmental milestones (tummy time, relieving gas, strengthen muscles, developing language).  Learn tools for your caregiver toolbox to use at home during the week while taking time to be present with your child. Gentle stretching & Mindfulness activities for the parent will also be included as well as group discussions to help get to know and learn from other caregivers.


Wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat (there is a limited amount available if needed), a baby blanket or two to support your baby on your mat, and a motivating small toy to use during certain activities.

Toddler/Little Movers Yoga & Mindfulness​
Moving/standing-24 months with caregiver

Toddler Yoga is 60 minutes of songs, games, movement, and regulated breathing that encourages language development, body awareness, gross and fine motor skills, strength, balance, socialization, connection, and bonding with their caregiver. This class does not look like a “regular” yoga class, but you may see a few traditional yoga poses during class.  The lessons taught will give a range of options to assist every child at their own developmental stage. Within those 60 minutes, time will be given for parents/caregivers to connect to others in the community and practice Mindfulness activities to strengthen your awareness and bring a stillness to your day.


Wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat (there is a limited amount available if needed) and a water bottle for your child. Your child does not need their own yoga mat for this class.

Tween Yoga & Mindfulness​
Ages 8-12 years old, all genders

Learn ways to relax, reset, and calm yourself at anytime and anywhere, by using yoga & mindfulness. You will be taught different yoga poses (asanas) and sequences to stretch your body, build muscle, balance, and focus.  You will be lead through different mindfulness activities and visualization exercises that you can use at home, school, before an audition/recital/or game. You will also be introduced to pranayama (regulated breathing) to help calm your nervous system and increase your attention. This class encourages conversation while exploring issues specific to tweens, such as:  friendship, stress, self-confidence, patience, and body image.  
FAQ: Wear comfortable clothes for sitting, moving, and turning upside down.  Please bring a yoga mat (a small amount will be available for use) and a water bottle.  This class is designed for the tween only. 

Adaptive Yoga & Mindfulness​ for Teens & Adults

In Adaptive Yoga, we will work together to adapt traditional yoga postures (asanas) to your specific needs. This gentle class also incorporates regulated breathing, mindfulness, and guided visualizations/savasana to calm the mind and nervous system.  The beginning of the class will be set up in workshop form, where new information is taught and where we work together to find a comfortable variation of the postures for you. The second part of the class is where we practice this new information in a formal yoga class format.  Classes are built upon each week to provide opportunities to grow and excel in the yoga poses. Props will be provided to assist the individual to work at their own pace and on their own levels (chairs, blankets, blocks).


This class is geared towards individuals that may be: recovering from an injury or illness, have limited mobility or balance, live with chronic pain, have arthritis or fibromyalgia, or just want to learn gentler variations to common yoga poses.


Please wear comfortable clothes for sitting, moving, and bending. Please bring a yoga mat (a small amount will be available for use).

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness​
Ages 5-10

Yoga for Kids encourages children to explore their natural abilities in an active, safe, and fun way that honors the diversity of each students’ flexibility and strength. This is a fun, playful class where kids can move energy through their bodies and bring calm into their minds. We are all born natural yogis. The younger we are, the more pliable and flexible our muscles and joints are.


Wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor. No experience necessary. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.

Family Yoga & Mindfulness​
All Ages, lessons geared towards 3-7 year olds​

Family Yoga provides an opportunity for caregivers to enjoy an interactive yoga class along with their children. Learn and practice poses (asana), relaxation,  and breath work through the use of fun props, games, songs, stories, and movement. The intention is for you and your child or children to enjoy time together, experience the benefits of yoga, and leave with some new activities to continue at home.

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Family Flow Yoga​
Ages 6+ and caregivers

Family Flow is a class for the child/teen who is interested in adult yoga postures, partner poses, breath work, and mindfulness- but wants to talk, laugh, and be silly with their caregiver while learning.  In Family Flow we will practice adult yoga sequences, within a laid back atmosphere.  

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